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Garmin GPS update

    Worry-free seamless navigation with Garmin update maps. Connect the device with a computer and update it for driving without worrying about your & your family’s safety. Download the latest maps and software for driving confidently. Get the latest features for driving securely and seamlessly with the new updates. Timely alerts help you to slow down when you are approaching a speed camera. Get the industry’s best and effortless navigation. Go on adventures and trips with your loved ones.

    Update the sat-nav now and get all the latest real-time alerts. New updates provide better Safe-driving alerts and precise mileage tracking. Never be taken by surprise with any weather conditions with Live updates.

Update Now

Garmin Update Software

Download the latest map and software, easily manage your GPS contents by installing the Garmin update software on your computer. Install the app on your computer for synchronizing the maps on your smartphone for a seamless experience. Use the app for registering the sat-nav with Garmin connect. You will get a timely notification when a new update is available.

Install Garmin update software for:

Update Maps And Software With One Click

Update Maps And Software With One Click

Download or update the GPS device with one click. Get efficient, accurate and fast navigation.

Synchronize The Device With Connect

Synchronize The Device With Connect

Use the app to upload your routes, content, maps and fitness data securely to your Garmin account.


One-Click Software Update

Get the latest features with a one-click software update. Make the most out of your GPS device with the update.

Manage Device Content

Manage Device Content

Manage your maps, addresses, favourite points of interest and other content by using update software.

Update Marine Charts

Update Marine Charts

Find new fishing hotspots with the latest marine charts. Download the map on the external SD card and transfer it to your marine device.

Golf Course Updates

Golf Course Updates

Get the latest golf course maps and improve your game. Download the latest free CourseView maps & updates for the Garmin golf device.

Garmin updates and downloads

For the best user experience, driving via the most efficient routes and never worrying about your safety get the latest Garmin updates and downloads. Streets & roads change, businesses open and close. Ensure that you drive with the latest map for fast and efficient navigation. Whether you want to get a lifetime map update, purchase new maps or services contact our GPS experts.

Check for map version:

Click Setting > Map & Vehicle >myMaps

If you don’t have the latest version, go through the update instructions.

  • Please remove the SD card from your GPS device before updating the map.
  • After connecting the device to the computer, select mass storage mode.
  • Install the file “launcher.exe”
  • Run the file
  • Follow the Updater instructions. Wait for the software to detect the model name.
  • The Updater will list items, like maps and software updates.
  • Click Exit after the update is complete.
  • Remove the USB connection.

Garmin Com Express

A smarter way to download maps & software

Garmin com Express is developed to manage and control the GPS device from your computer.

It helps to automatically download and update your maps and software with a single click, providing you with accurate information when you’re on the road. It helps to save the data on the computer files and save routes and favourite directions.

The application helps you to access the latest notifications, view special offers and contact for support.

Garmin Com Express

Garmin Sat Nav Software

Get the new map, drive intuitively with bugs removed, and better signal processing with the latest Garmin sat nav software. Download the latest software for synchronizing the maps on your smartphone for a seamless experience. Get a timely notification when a new update is available.

Install Garmin software for

Added Features

Get new features, a more detailed map, better signal processing with the new algorithm for making navigation more intuitive.

Bugs Removed

Bugs are removed regularly that can hamper navigation providing better driving.

Smoother User Interface

The user interface becomes smoother than previously with every update.

Extending Device Life

The working life of the GPS device is increased with every update.

Keeping Data Safe

Keeps your data private with regular security updates.

Update My Garmin Sat Nav

You have come to the right place if you’re searching for an "update my Garmin sat nav". Updating your Garmin GPS device regularly is necessary. If you haven’t updated your device in more than 2-years, you will be not eligible for future updates. It can also render your sat-nav useless.

Update your sat-nav in simple steps

Connect To The Computer

Connect To The Computer

Use the USB cable provided with the device and connect the sat-nav to the computer. Don’t use any other cable or unsecured WiFi network for updating your device.

Open The Updater App

Open The Updater App

Start the update software after connecting. It will search for the available updates. In the WiFi supported models, the process is automatic.

Install The Updates

Install The Updates

Download the updates on your computer. Transfer the files to your GPS device. The process is automatic in the WiFi supported models.

Garmin Basecamp maps

Download the latest Garmin Basecamp maps and go on your next outdoor adventure with your family and friends. Make the most of your next outdoor activity, relieve the old trips with Basecamp. Easily plan your outdoor activities, organize device content and share your adventures with other users.

Plan a trip: Planning your trip has never been this fun and easy. Use the app for your next biking, hiking, driving, motorcycling and off-road trips. View maps, plan routes, mark tracks and waypoints from the computer. Transfer the data to your GPS device easily afterwards.

Trace your routes, view elevation changes with the Track Draw feature. Estimate the difficulty of your next bike ride or hike.

Plan a scenic route for your next adventure. Ensure that the navigator takes you through beautiful waypoints.

Relive your trips with the playback feature. Save and share your adventures with other users.

Garmin Basecamp download

Garmin Basecamp download is available for free for both Windows and Mac computers. Easily view and backup data from GPS devices, manage BridsEye imagery, update maps and software. Get the application now by going through the simple steps.



  • Click the download button
  • Run the executable file, i.e., Basecamp.exe
  • If you are unable to find the downloaded file or the browser is not able to run then press Control + J and select the file.
  • Follow the onscreen prompts for installation.


  • Click the download button
  • Open the BaseCamp.dmg file
  • Double-click on the Basecamp icon to run the program
  • Follow on-screen prompts for installation.

Garmin Zumo Maps: Made for Motorcyclists

Get a Garmin Zumo and go on the most thrilling rides. Garmin Zumo maps are made for motorcyclists with navigation tools to provide you with excitement and safety. Pick a winding route and start riding. Our motorcycle GPS takes care of many years of riding adventures. We make rugged devices which work in every weather conditions.

  • Built for long travels

    If you are someone who enjoys extended rides on the open road, Zumo is very useful. It takes you to the destination easily and safely.

  • Better functionality

    Zumo provides you with intuitive navigation. It has all the features which you need during a ride.

  • Track road trip

    Record all the major data of the trip like miles travelled, elevation, average speed and much more. Use this data to improve your riding.

  • Easy Planning

    Plan your trips with multiple stops through scenic & windy roads. Check the Points Of Interests ratings before visiting.

  • Intuitive Use

    User-friendly and easy user-interface, use it directly out-of-the-box without much learning. Set up easily.

  • Never get lost

    Go on adventure rides without worrying about getting lost. Travel on unfamiliar roads/ trails with confidence.

  • Find your bike

    It records your bike’s movement when it’s stolen. Track and find your motorcycle easily.

  • Versatile

    Useful for all types of bikes, from street bikes to cruisers. Mount it on the gas tank, handlebar or windscreen.

Garmin Zumo Maps: Made for Motorcyclists